FAQ - McPhillips Hearing and Audiology

Did you know...

In Canada, half the people who are 65 years old will have hearing loss. Surprisingly, many as young as 30 years old are now showing signs of hearing loss.

We live in a very noisy industrialized world. It is not just work related industrial noise from machines or noise exposure from the army, navy, airforce, marine or military. It is recreational noise from Ipods to MP3 players, pimped up cars with subwoofers & tweeters, surround sound stereo home movie theatres & video games, bars, clubs, concerts & home renovations.

It is better to use the old school headphones than the earbuds. Use the volume on your Ipod at 50% volume & listen to your music for no more than 1 hour a day. By simply following this guide you will enjoy a life time of cool music.

There have been great improvements in Hearing Aid technology to miniaturize hearing aids so that they are less noticeable and fully automatic. Hearing aids are mini-computers.

By wearing hearing aids, you can ward off the debilitating effects of Dementia.

Hearing aids are not a luxury but a necessity to the overall quality of your life.  You wear glasses or contacts to see better, you get dentures to be able to eat. Now get hearing aids to hear.  The fastest growing segment of the population is the centenarrian.  If you are 80 years old now, you are highly likely to live to 100 years old or even more. Add quality to the rest of your life by wearing hearing aids.

25% of all Hearing Loss is aging. Hearing Loss has a significant impact on our overall well being. Untreated hearing loss can lead to depression, unhappiness with life, decreased functional & cognitive health & social withdrawl.

You must see your Audiologist every six (6) months for a regular check up to ensure your ears are free of wax, to make sure the hearing aids are in good working order and if needed, to make adjustments to the hearing aids.  Hearing aids last about 4-5 years.  They are not made to last forever.