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Success Stories

“If I could tell you one thing I guess it would be that
I love hearing the sound of your voice…
It seems to brighten my whole entire day”

- Joseph married to Mary for over 60 years

Mary & Joseph: Before we had hearing aids, we were frustrated. I could not hear my wife & my wife could not hear me. It was tiring trying to hear what people were saying to us. We thought that we didn’t need one but everyone in my family knew we had a problem. So we did something about it. We had our hearing tested & there was hearing loss. We finally bought hearing aids & we are so happy. We have been wearing hearing aids for 5 years now.

Walter:  When I finally wore my hearing aids, I realized how much I had been missing all this time.  Now I can hear my wife. I’ve been wearing hearing aids since 2001

Ed: My family & friends were more frustrated than me. I thought they were all whispering. I’m a Veteran & I was exposed to loud noises during my service. I received my hearing aids through Veterans Affairs Canada. Now my family & friends are happy that I'm finally wearing hearing aids. Plus the TV volume is set at a much lower level when I wear my hearing aids.

Ben:  I can’t live without my hearing aids!  See Christine now, don’t wait another minute.

Elsie:  I LOVE my hearing aids!  I can enjoy my grandkids again.  I attend meetings and hear what people are saying.